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How did SEO to go Smart Homes?

When I graduated Carnegie Mellon I wanted to bring the best technology to Pittsburgh. On top of advertising and web design we founded the Pittsburgh Drone Masters and a hub for Pittsburgh Airbnb Hosts. It was during these ventures where I noticed that people want to make their homes respond to voice commands and do the exciting things show on TV but the market of connected devices is fractured, flooded, and complicated.

So we do the research for you and create custom packages for what you need with the best products for your space. Then we install everything and train you on how to control your new products.

Imagine walking from room to room and your music following, then sitting on the couch and turning the lights to a relaxing blue just by saying it, invite your husband or wife to join you by activating a wireless room to room intercom, and then control your tv, browse shows, and watch what you like with just your voice.

That is the experience I created in all my vacation rental listings around the city. You will be amazed at how affordable and easy it is enjoy the feeling of complete control.

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